M/S Svanen bike tour - Guided tour

The author, the fjord and the beautiful country life. Nice guided tour with M/S Svanen and Bikerent
Borrevejle Camping_viewBorrevejle Camping

Borrevejle Camping

Borrevejle Camping is a modern, well-located campsite only about 40 km from Copenhagen.
Tadre Mill_house

Tadre Mill

The last of 13 historic water mills that once dotted the landscape in Elverdam Valley near Aastrup Manor Estate.
Ledreborg Palace and sculpture

Ledreborg Palace and Baroque Garden

One of Denmark's finest examples of 18th-century architecture and landscape design, the palace is beautifully situated at the end of Denmark's longest avenue.

Ledreborg Palace Golf

A suberb international golf course designed by Sir Nick Faldo, one of the world's leading golf course designers.

Mannerup Møllegård farm

The farm produces fresh organic milk sold from an automatic dispenser.

Hornbeer brewery

A family-owned farmhouse brewery located in beautiful Hornsherred that relies on traditional methods and uses only the finest ingredients.

Stensbølgård farm shop

Choose from a large variety of delicious organic items in the farm shop.

Valnødlund farm shop

Organic strawberries, homemade honey and other delicious organic products sold at the farm shop.
Lejre_ Herslev_gårdbutik_øl_mad

Herslev Brewery farm shop

Organic food, delicious products and, of course, lots of amazing beer!

M/S Svanen ferry

Sail on Roskilde Fjord aboard the M/S Svanen ferry. Bikes are welcome!
Fiskeri ved solnedgangVisitFjordlandet

A guide to the best fishing spots

Fjordlandet is the place for anglers who want good catches and great nature experiences!
Sagnlandet LejreSagnlandet Lejre

Viking adventures

Fjordlandet is brimming with genuine Viking history, but where’s the best place to begin? What’s adventures await the children? Let us show you the way through Viking country.
Ejby Skrænter og Ejby ÅdalThomas Kær Mahler

10 beautiful walks: A guide

Stick your mobile phone in your pocket, take a deep breath and enjoy the varied landscape, fresh country air and history that surrounds you.

Skjoldungernes Land National Park

One of the best ways to experience Skjoldungernes Land National Park is by foot. Lace up your walking shoes, pack a lunch and water and disappear into one of the national park’s large, deep forests, explore the rolling landscape dotted with manor estates, or bike along the fjord.
Egholm MuseumHans Ole Madsen

Egholm Arms Museum

Historic weapons, uniforms and various relics, such as everyday items from World War II, are on display.
Lejre MuseumMuseumskoncernen ROMU

Lejre Museum

Located in the picturesque hamlet of Gl. Lejre, the museum tells the story of the mythical Scyldingas and Viking kings. According to legend, Beowulf defeated the monster Grendel here.
Sagnlandet LejreSagnlandet Lejre

Land of Legedens Lejre

Land of Legends Lejre is a unique, beautiful and exciting excursion destination with houses and environments from the Stone Age, Iron Age, Viking Age and working workshops and old animal breeds. Here you can literally become part of Denmark's history.


Steeped in history, Lejre offers an abundance of unique nature and delicious organic foods.

Farm fresh organic produce

Fresh vegetables grown by local farmers abound in Fjordlandet, which is the salad bowl of Copenhagen and an hour’s drive from the capital. Quality products, ranging from strawberries and pork, to venison sausages and quince ale, are available direct from the field and barn. Visit the area wonderful farm shops.
Sonnerupgaard GodsSonnerupgaard Gods

Sonnerupgaard Manor Estate

Just 40 minutes from Copenhagen the estate has modern hotel rooms and conference facilities located in beautiful, historic surroundings. Guests can enjoy the estate's park and the nearby forest.
Restaurant FasanerietRestaurant Fasaneriet

Restaurant Fasaneriet

The restaurant serves tasty menus, which are based on seasonal ingredients. Enjoy the beautiful view of Ledreborg Palace Golf Club's fantastic facilities from the terrace.
Solbakken NaturistcampingSolbakken Naturistcamping

Solbakken Naturistcamping

Solbakken Naturistcamping is a three-star naturist park of approx. 7 ha, where you have the best opportunities to enjoy weekends and holidays as a naturist. The square is located by the Isefjord just an hour's drive from Copenhagen.

Skoemagerkroen - inn

The inn is based on proud traditions for Danish gastronomy, relaxed service and hospitality. Combine your dinner and tasteful experiences with an overnight stay in historic settings at Skoemagerkroen. With only half an hour's drive to Copenhagen, you get a rural idyll at the inn, in a convenient distance to the city.
Herslev BryghusHerslev Bryghus

Herslev Brewery

Herslev Bryghus is an organic farm brewery and cafe at Roskilde Fjord. Here you will find beer, local products, coffee and a delicious lunch of local produce.

Restaurant Herthadalen

Restaurant Herthadalen is beautifully situated in Ledreborg forest in the National Park Skjoldungernes Land.
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