Attractions and museums

Discover the area’s attractions and museums for a perfect holiday.

Tadre Mill_house

Tadre Mill

The last of 13 historic water mills that once dotted the landscape in Elverdam Valley near Aastrup Manor Estate.
Ledreborg Palace and sculpture

Ledreborg Palace and Baroque Garden

One of Denmark's finest examples of 18th-century architecture and landscape design, the palace is beautifully situated at the end of Denmark's longest avenue.
Gerlev Rosenpark

Gerlev Rose Garden

An impressive collection of 5,500 roses, plants and beautiful trees.
Roskilde Kloster

Roskilde Convent

Demolished during the Reformation to be replaced by a manor house in 1565, the convent once served as a home for unmarried women of rank. Enjoy a guided tour of its fascinating interior.

Frederikssund Viking settlement

A free, open-air museum with Viking pit houses and an authentic long house.

RAGNAROCK – Museum of pop, rock and youth culture

A contemporary cultural history museum of pop, rock and youth culture.
Interiør Lützhøfts Købmandsgård

Lützhøfts Old Grocer’s Shop

Charming living museum that captures the shop's cosy interior as it looked in the 1920s.
Roskilde Museum

Roskilde Museum

Roskilde Museum presents the city of Roskilde’s cultural history but also finds and artefacts from the area, dating from the Stone Age to today.
Roskilde Domkirke

Roskilde Cathedral

Experience this UNESCO World Heritage Site, which houses the royal tombs of 39 Danish kings and queens.
Æglageret Kunst og ægmuseum i Holbæk

Æglageret – Art and egg museum

Visit Æglageret in Holbæk, Denmark's only egg museum, which is also home to modern art exhibitions.
Holbæk Museum

Holbæk Museum

Take the opportunity to immerse yourself in the history of Denmark.

Nyvang Cooperative Village

Experience life in the 1940s, when the cooperative movement came into being. This living history museum brings Denmark’s history alive.

Frederikssund Museum

Learn about the evolution of how human beings have used Roskilde Fjord throughout history.

Svanholm intentional community

The community shares everything, employs consensual decision making and produces delicious organic produce and other items. Visitors are always welcome!

Jægerspris Castle

Visit the charming, historic hunting lodge that became Frederik VII and Countess Danner's residence.
Selsø Slot Foto: Flemming Kirstein

Selsø Castle Manor House Museum

Abandoned for almost 150 years Selsø Castle is beautifully restored and a fine example of a historic Danish manor estate.

J.F. Willumsens Museum

Enjoy the symbolist and expressionist paintings, sculptures and ceramics, as well as the Old Collection, a selection of works from Willumsen's private collection. Special exhibitions also regularly display the works of contemporary artists.

Brorfelde Observatory

Explore the world of geology, biology and astronomy with the whole family.
Kystlivscenteret i Holbæk. Foto af Kystliv Holbæk

Maritime life in Holbæk

Explore Denmark’s maritime heritage and watch the restauration of historic wooden ships that still sail on Holbæk Fjord.
Egholm Museum

Egholm Arms Museum

Historic weapons, uniforms and various relics, such as everyday items from World War II, are on display.
Lejre Museum

Lejre Museum

Located in the picturesque hamlet of Gl. Lejre, the museum tells the story of the mythical Scyldingas and Viking kings. According to legend, Beowulf defeated the monster Grendel here.
Sagnlandet Lejre

Land of Legedens Lejre

Land of Legends Lejre is a unique, beautiful and exciting excursion destination with houses and environments from the Stone Age, Iron Age, Viking Age and working workshops and old animal breeds. Here you can literally become part of Denmark's history.

The Viking Ship Museum

Experience original Viking ships, see ships being built or bowing out on the fjord as a true Viking


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